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Wearing a mask is an important step in preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, the continuous use of masks for a long time also has side effects, ranging from acne, dental problems to difficulty breathing.

Now, there are other side effects of wearing this mask, namely eye irritation. only you feel a burning with sensation in eyes after wearing a masker for a long time when you are not alone at anywhere. Apart from foggy eyes, many people come to the eye doctor complaining of irritation and dry eyes.

However, according to the Times of India page, this eye problem is mostly caused by the use of an improper mask. When the mask is not put on properly or the nose is open, warm air will come out of the top of the togel singapore online indonesia dan toto hk terbesar mask and dry out the eyes.

Previously, many people complained about glasses getting fogged when wearing a mask, which caused minor irritation for a while. However, this new eye problem is more complex than that.

In addition, there are other eye problems that have been diagnosed in many people due to prolonged use of masks such as bacterial infections on the eyelids, corneal damage, irritations such as allergies from detergents on masks and stye due to blocked tear ducts.

Another theory is that eye irritation can also be caused by pandemic stress and anxiety. If you suffer from health problems related to the eyes, there are several ways you can deal with them.

Wear the mask properly

Hot air exhaled from the nose can irritate the eyes, triggering dryness and irritation. The first thing to do is fix the use of masks will only be effective if you no use from properly.

Buy a Mask Made of Breathable Material

So many types of maskers in the market. Always buy a mask that is made of breathable material and really fits well. If the mask is too large and touches the eye, it can scratch the cornea and cause irritation.

Don’t ignore it if it becomes irritated

When you feel irritation, don’t let it. In case of stye, dry or irritated eyes, you can use eye drops sold in pharmacies.

Don’t touch your eyes

When adjusting the mask, do not touch your eyes. Warm air exhaled from the nose can be uncomfortable, hence it can encourage someone to touch the face or eyes.

Warm compress

You can use a warm compress to soothe irritated eyes. Wet a clean cloth with warm water and place it over the closed eyes for a few minutes.

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